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ANACA Dream Program Limited Editions

The 2018-2019 Limited Edition is a mix and match hot pink, teal and purple palm tree pattern trimmed in hot pink with matching solid hot pink styles.  2018-2019 Styles include triangle tops, skimpy triangle tops, scrunch bottoms and thong bottoms.  Each bottom is uniquely designed with a custom designed heart.  The heart jewel was inspired by a picture of a heart that Aitana drew when she was 8, right before she passed away from cancer.  In memory of her, and for children fighting this terrible disease, NVeeUs Swimwear proudly supports this charity.

Every year a new limited edition, with a new a jewel, new patterns and new fabrics will be launched. This will be the ANACA line showing ongoing support for the charity. A percentage of profit from each sale of these suits and all other purchases will go to supporting Aitana's memory through a US based 501(c)3 charity, Aitana North American Children's Association (ANACA).



ANACA, Aitana North American Childrens Association, is more than a social give back responsibility to us. As founders of NVeeUs, we have a very personal tie to this charity and have supported it personally for several years. 

For more information regarding ANACA, please visit at   As an ongoing give back to help children with cancer, we have custom designed jewel pieces and sexy swimwear with a portion of every sale going back to the charity to directly fund dream trips to Disney World for children with cancer and support Aitana Foundation.

Dreams Disney Trips

Family Support

A dream for a child can be anything from becoming a firefighter, a princess, a cowboy, or even getting to see a beloved cartoon character come to life.

Children have wonderful imaginations and we, as adults, usually go to great lengths to help our children to realize their dreams. The kids we are focusing on now are those who are gravely ill, who have had to grow up quickly because their bodies have been invaded with the horrible disease of cancer. Their minds are still innocent and full of flights of fancy, yet they have had to live with battling for their lives. Our aim is to help those who have battled or are currently battling for their lives to at least get to see or experience one of the best things for a child with any imagination. Their dream of going to Walt Disney World.

Imagine through a child’s eye, the magical and enchanting world of Walt Disney World. Where their favorite characters come alive, where everyone, adult or child, can live in a fanciful world where the hero or heroine fight and conquer their fears, rise up, and live a Happily Ever After life. Where they can for just a moment forget that they are battling for their lives, where they can just let go and have fun. They can meet some awesome characters and live for once in a ‘normal’ environment.

These are the dreams of the kids and families who have sat and fought a hard fight in their everyday reality. Where the families want to see the twinkle of hope and imagination in their child’s eye again even for the briefest of time. Where a cancer fighting child can feel like a normal healthy child and experience one of the greatest joys of childhood.

This is what we do. We work hard to help each child to realize their dreams. We make it possible through generous donations and the love and support of Chinos Liner and the Aitana House to make these dreams possible. Where a select group of children and families from areas of Mexico can experience something they never have had the opportunity to see before, and may possibly never see again. We want these families to get that opportunity.

There are also opportunities for parents of those brave children to see the wonder come back to their children again.

Not to be forgotten, we also support the families of those who have suffered. We also understand the toll it can take on the families to care for these children, and Chinos along with Aitana strive to also make it possible for a trip for the parents of those children, an opportunity for them to try and relax and regroup their thoughts and strength so they can come back refreshed and ready to battle along with their children.

In addition to the support we try to give the children and families of Mexico for their dream trips, we are also taking great strides to get medical equipment and space so that families who have a sick child do not have to travel so far, and can get the medical attention without the strain of such long journeys that are taxing and tiring to both the child and parents.

Our wish is that you can reach out and donate to the cause so these children and families get the opportunity to experience a once in a lifetime journey. You may not be able to donate a lot, but even a dollar or two helps us to achieve our goal in allowing these wonderful, strong, courageous families to experience something they never thought possible.

Thank you for your support… No One Fights Alone.


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