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Company Vision & Mission


To provide swimwear for non-judgmental, sexy, free spirited women that fits, and can be family friendly too! I believe that deep down all women are envious of that woman that carries a presence when she enters a room.  It’s more than breathtaking beauty or super-hot body, there’s a confidence and warmth that surrounds her.  Everyone wants to get to know her, be around in her presence, look like her… be her. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to let that inner woman out!  

I was at a sexy resort in Mexico a few years ago and watched the women comfortable in their bodies and itty bitty bikinis. Most of their tops barely covered their breasts, and the string bottoms seemed strained to capacity.  Were they all supermodel shaped or super thin? Not at all, they were mostly everyday moms, wives, and grandmothers! Some had a few pounds on me, and it wasn’t toned muscle. But what I realized was how great they all looked in their bikinis, and it dawned on me it was all attitude.  I didn’t think, “oh my, look at those women, they shouldn’t be wearing that.” Nope. I thought, “Wow!” I admired them because they wore what they wanted and what made them feel great. When I went back to Mexico the following year, I was one of them.  I was brave, I wore a bikini! I was nervous and self-conscious at first, but then I found myself feeling in charge, strong, and sexy.  I leaned back in my chair, soaked in the sun, and played in the surf with delight. Life changing!

NVeeUs’ line of swimwear is for every woman that wants to let that inner woman be seen and step into sunlight!  Tired of tugging on your swimsuit tops to stay in them, unable to cover surgical scars, and unable to find bikinis made for sexy women instead of teenagers? From laying by your pool, to playing volleyball, or a romantic beach getaway; we all want swimwear that is hot, fashionable, sexy, and stays in place regardless of your lifestyle for summer fun.

We offer three swimwear product lines to meet all budgets and all needs.  Each swimsuit line has a unique Fit Calculator that helps you find your overall body shape, then captures your specific unique breast, abdominal, and hip measurements to identify your unique custom fit opportunities.  And of course, if you prefer, you can hop right in and shop the full catalogue.

Our Custom Fit application helps you find your overall body shape, then captures your specific unique breast, abdominal, and hip measurements to identify your unique custom fit opportunities.  Then our unique matching application will provide you a custom showroom for your perfect fit swimwear options.

We take pride in providing NVeeUs swimwear with high quality fade and stretch resistant fabric.  We take pride in providing high end swimwear at a reasonable cost.

It is time for US that have taken an interest in our own bodies, whether we naturally just have a hot body, or we spend hours at the gym working hard, or through the pain and costs of enhancement surgeries to have swimwear that is sexy and comfortable.  

Management Values and Mission:

Honesty, Integrity – Company based on value principles

Giveback Philosophy

Passion to take care of our people and our customers first

Bring flexibility and life balance to the workplace

Work Hard, Play Hard

Give Back Mission

Support Aitana North American Children’s Association (ANACA) by designing a “Limited Edition” suit per year with a percentage of the purchase price going directly to the charity.  

The specific objectives and purpose of ANACA is to raise funds to send children from Mexico diagnosed with cancer (and when feasible select family members) on Dream Trips such as Disney World to bring happiness to these children, fulfill dreams, and create memories for the family. Secondly, any additional funds raised may be used to provide support for life essential treatment through Aitana Foundation and Chinos Cause for Cancer.

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