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Launching NVeeUs ( pronounced “Envious”)

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We are excited to finally be here!  After years of research with doctors, plastic surgeons and hundreds of personal stories, we have developed an application (Fit Quiz) that helps you find your overall body shape, then captures your specific unique breast, abdominal and hip shapes to identify your unique custom fit opportunities.  Then our matching application will provide you a custom showroom for your perfect fit swimwear options. 

"We provide swimwear for non-judgmental, sexy, free spirited women that fits, and can be family friendly too! I believe that deep down all women are envious of that woman that carries a presence when she enters a room.  It’s not being the youngest hottest woman in the place. And it's more than breath taking beauty or super-hot body, there’s a confidence and warmth that surrounds her.  Everyone wants to get to know her, be around in her presence, look like her… be her.  Whether you are a 30-year old young mom, 40-year old professional, 50-year old grandmother or in your retirement years.....There’s nothing wrong with wanting to let that inner woman out and step into the sunlight! "   

Lorie Gibbons, CEO


NVeeUs’ line of swimwear is for every woman that wants to let that inner woman been seen and step into sun light!  Tired of fighting nipples popping out, covering surgical scars, and /or only being able to purchase swimwear in sets? From laying on a beach to playing volleyball, we all want swimwear that is hot, fashionable, sexy and stays in place regardless of your lifestyle for summer fun.

Our swimwear is designed to provide a comfortable fit, with the sexy custom jewelry designer fashion statements, high quality fade and stretch resistant fabric.  We take pride in providing high end swimwear at a reasonable cost.

It is time for US, that have taken an interest in our own bodies, whether naturally just have a hot body, or through hard work and hours at the gym, or through the pain and costs of enhancement surgeries to have swimwear that is sexy and comfortable. 


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